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Social Media and Management – 7 questions

Almost everybody carries a telephone around in today’s world. Majority of students today ironically have their heads more fixed on the screens of their phones than their books. Times are changing and communication has taken a serious twist. From telegraphs to telephones to ping and now to whatsapp and tweets, digital communication has shaped the world we live in. It is evident that the future of society is very much dependent on technology and social media is gradually forming our perception of human interaction.

Recently word reached us about a renowned project management company in Amsterdam that makes use of Social Media in a rather positive way as a communication tool during construction management processes. It turned out this approach is extremely efficient and effective and we decided therefore to conduct a short interview with one of the pioneers of the phenomenon, Vincent Maaskant. Below is a summary of this interview, which depicts the history of the company, how the idea came about, how it is implemented, the challenges and how it has shaped the company’s prospects towards the future.



Bron: BOSS magazine

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